Free ARCs of The Dreaming Land III are here!

TDLIII Front Cover

It’s here! The final book in The Dreaming Land mini-series (link to sample), and of the entire Zemnian Series! It’s been a long road, but it’s almost at its end. You can get a free Advance Review Copy of The Dreaming Land III here.

Here’s the blurb:

Valya has chased the slave traders stealing her people’s children all the way to the very edge of Zem’. She is preparing to leave her motherland behind and descend into the foreign plains beyond the mountains in order to rescue and bring back as many enslaved children as she can—until a sudden vision changes everything.

Instead of racing East, she finds herself racing West, back to Krasnograd, where the Empress is in mortal danger, a danger only Valya can save her from. But in order to save the Empress, Valya must keep from destroying herself. With her native recklessness and her newfound magic only very partially under her control, though, she may have finally come across a mission beyond even her considerable strength.

The Dreaming Land III: The Sacrifice is the final book in The Dreaming Land mini-series, and the conclusion to The Zemnian Series, the award-winning series set in the unique matrilineal world of Zem’. Inspired by Russian history, fairy tales, and literature, this epic series is a subversive examination of gender, sexuality, and reality in the vein of The Mists of Avalon or the Kushiel series.

With discussion questions at the end.

And if you haven’t gotten your free ARCs of books I & II yet, you can pick up both of them, plus many more free books, in the Sweet Poison Summer Paranormal Romance Giveaway.


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