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I don’t know what brought you here, but I’m delighted you decided to drop by! I’m a fantasy author with a penchant for things Russian and Italian. If you want to sample my work, grab a completely FREE collection of my short stories Winter of the Gods and Other Stories here. You can also sign up for my mailing list if you feel so inclined (no obligation!) to get regular updates and special offers.

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If you’d like to check out my blog or find out more about me and my books, the menu is in the upper righthand corner of this page.

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Elena: Thanks for your positive comment on SEELANGS regarding our opening; it was much appreciated. How are things going for you? Best, David


    1. Dear David,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and I hope the search goes well! I’m sure you’ll have some good applicants. Meanwhile, I’m thrilled to say that I just accepted a tenure track job at Wake Forest.

      I hope things are going well for you and for the program!



      1. Dear Elena — Reread your upbeat review of Dancing Backward and decided to thank you again… and to read some of your tasty-sounding oeuvre. Russian lit. Ah, at least I can still recite my favorite Lermontov poem about Odysseus…. Belye-yet Parus, odunokee, tumanya morya golumbom, cho eschet on stranye dalyokee, chto eschet on v’irayoo rodnom… which I saw posted outside the dining room of a Russian passenger ship, the Lermontov, many years ago. A ship which now resides on the bottom of the Tasman sea, alas. –Thomas Lavalle

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