For The Midnight Land: Part One:

“Clark’s narrative wears its Russian literature influences on its sleeve: the parsimonious Princess Primorskaya, for example, seems like she’s right out of a Nikolai Gogol tale. The author weaves together realistic episodes of life on the road (with its uncanny watchers just off the path) and skillfully evokes the epic scale of the taiga and tundra: “The great snowy plain stretched out before her all the way to the horizon, where a pale sun was rising.” But her choice to swap the usual gender roles—the matriarchal society controls the life of every character, be they man or woman, peasant or Tsarina—elevates this book beyond the average fantasy novel.

A bold beginning to a series that explores gender, empathy, and the frozen north.” Kirkus.

“A riveting saga from beginning to end, “The Midnight Land: The Flight” will leave fantasy fiction fans looking eagerly toward the next installment of this outstanding series.”  Midwest Book Review.

“The Midnight Land- Part 1” by E.P. Clark is one awesome book that I will not soon forget, and I already can’t wait to start the next one (Midnight Land part 2 – The Gift). I’ve read a lot of high/epic fantasy and this one really stands out in terms of originality, and I loved the Russian infusion. The intelligent storylines and plot execution were excellent, and definitely held my interest throughout this ‘longish’ book. The pacing was good, and I found myself constantly being surprised by unexpected turn of events which is good, because there’s nothing that bores me more than a totally predictable book. Slava is a great heroine, but the rest of the (large) supporting cast was just a strong and fully-realized. This was a surreal, almost mystical-feeling book with action, twists, and lots of good fantastical elements. Definitely worth the time to read.”  Indie Book Reviewers, 5 Stars

“I really enjoyed The Midnight Land: The Flight by E. P. Clark it’s an original, and ambitious fantasy, perfectly executed. It starts off slow, but not ploddingly so, and Clark does enough to grab your interest and hold it from the very first line. She sets it in a matriarchal culture, but does it in a way that really brings to light some of the embedded aspects of our own male-centric culture while peppering it with a range of strong and assertive female characters.

Slava herself is quieter, used to life in the Kremlin and living in the shadow of her sister, but she almost seems to go through a coming of age arc, as she gets stronger in her magic and more confident in herself. I often thought she was younger than she actually was until the story progressed further. A great story that part epic saga, part fairy tale and part fantasy, The Midnight Land: The Flight and one that I can’t wait to read more of.”  Manhattan Book Review, 5 Stars


Beautifully unique and rich in a Central European and West Asian feel that comes together with a surprising and wonder-filled world. The writing has a telling aura of worldly experience, which has lent itself to a gorgeous mix of ideas and a distinctive writing style that I quickly fell in love with. The Midnight Land is sure to do you well in its inspired, character-driven tale of wonder and outer and inner discovery.” SPR, 4 Stars

“Imagine reading Shackleton or Cook’s journals, only with spirits and gods and psychic powers…[The] Midnight Land is a book of exploration, of a young woman coming to accept herself and her own abilities in life, and a fun frolic in the snow. A perfect read for a long winter’s night, especially if you have too much or not enough snow.”  San Francisco Book Review, 4 Stars

“The Midnight Land by E.P. Clark may be a fantasy novel, but to me it seemed more like a novel of self-discovery. E.P. Clark crafted a new world between the pages, yet the book seemed to focus more on Slava’s emotional growth as she grows into a woman during her journey and begins to understand her clairvoyance. My favorite part was when Slava communicated with animals or spirits. By the end of the Midnight Land, I was left feeling glad that I had decided to read E.P. Clark’s novel.” Readers’ Favorite, 4 Stars

For The Midnight Land, Part Two:

“I read a lot of fantasy and mythology books, so this is a genre I’m familiar with. Having read the first book in this series and really enjoying it, I was curious to see if E.P. Clark could continue on as strongly in this one, “Midnight Land, Part 2: The Gift,” as often times it seems the sequel tends to fall short of the original. But that certainly wasn’t the case here! If anything I think I liked this one almost better – maybe because I knew the characters better and had an investment in their fate and understood the story set-up. Ms. Clark is unarguably a very talented writer, but more than that she genuinely impressed me with her solid world-building and creativeness on many levels. All too often I read works that feel clearly derivative of other books, and although I appreciate literary influences (as is felt here as well), when something this original comes along it is a refreshing change of pace! Some of the writing was downright lyrical in the simple elegance of the prose, and other times I was nearly breathless from the intensity and violent passion. For such a long book I finished it in less than a week, and went through so many highs and lows, it felt like a rollercoaster. Can’t wait to see how it all wraps up in “The Breathing Sea’!” Indie Book Reviewers, 5 Stars

“Fantastic! I don’t think I put my kindle down once after the 70% mark. This is an impressive follow-up effort from author E.P. Clark and it is quite clear that she is an author to keep an eye on in the future for sure. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series… I don’t want to give away anything at all, but let’s just say that there is a lot of chaos and some pretty crazy drama that goes down that makes you just need to know what will happen to everyone! There are some surprises that I didn’t expect, and I could totally see this being a movie or miniseries (or it should be!) It’s quite long, and has that big “epic fantasy” feel to it which I love. A great read that will appeal to fans of many genres, as it encompasses so many different aspects of literature, not just fantasy. While there are some familiar concepts at play here that might be reminiscent of other well-known novels, Clark tells her own story in a fresh way that makes the whole journey unpredictable and interesting. Warning, it is not a short book by any means, so be prepared to spend some time. But in my mind it was highly worth it and I almost wished it were longer!” Indie Book Reviewers, 5 Stars