The Zemnian Series–Omnibus Editions

The Zemnian Series is my flagship series, set in a Russian-inspired matriarchal world. I originally conceived of it as a trilogy, but, well…it rather grew in the telling. Each book in the original trilogy turned into its own miniseries, and at the moment of writing this I’m plotting to add more to the original trilogy, too.

If you’d like to check it out, here are the omnibus editions of the books in the original trilogy:

Love First Lessons or The Bear and the Nightingale? Try both books of this award-winning epic fantasy adventure in one omnibus edition!

“A bold beginning to a series that explores gender, empathy, and the frozen north”–Kirkus

“A riveting saga”—Midwest Book Review

Women rule in Zem’. Krasnoslava Tsarinovna is the second-most powerful woman in Zem’. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a lot of power.

Krasnoslava (Slava to her friends, if she had any) is the younger sister to the Empress of Zem’. She lives in luxury in her sister’s kremlin, eats at her sister’s rich feasts, and sits on her sister’s council. She has everything any woman could want—except respect. Instead, she is the bearer of her family’s double-edged gifts of clairvoyance and empathy. Knowing what other people feel about you is difficult at the best of times. In the Imperial court, it’s torture.

When an adventurer comes asking for Imperial support to explore the Midnight Land, the far North where the sun never rises all winter, Slava is so desperate to leave the kremlin that she asks to come with her. To her surprise, her request is granted.

Slava’s journey is supposed to take her to the very edge of Zem’ and the Known World, and maybe help her learn more about her gifts. But as she travels North, she finds herself drawn into the center of a plot that could bring down her family. Slava would do anything to protect her family—except what the gods call upon her to do. Everyone has always considered Slava a coward. Will she learn to become a hero in order to save the people she loves?

Dasha is a gift. Only she’s not very gifted.

Both books in the awarding-winning Breathing Sea mini-series in one omnibus edition!

Dasha was born at the behest of the gods, her mother’s pledge between the world of women and the world of spirits. The Krasnograd kremlin looks to her to rule with fire, steel, and magic, just as her Imperial foremothers did. Instead, she’s shy, retiring, and the least magically talented girl her tutors have ever seen. Now that she’s almost a woman grown, she needs to learn to harness her gifts, but all she can do is have fits and useless visions.

When her father offers to take her on her first journey away from Krasnograd, Dasha jumps at the chance to see her native land. But their journey quickly turns into more than a mere pleasure trip. The wide world is more dangerous than Dasha had imagined, and her rapidly growing gifts may be the most dangerous thing in it.

But Dasha is not the only danger in Zem’. War is raging on its borders, and threatens to spill into Zem’ itself. No matter which side Dasha’s people choose, they may not be able to keep their freedom and their way of life. Dasha may hold the key to protecting Zem’—but she may have to lose herself in order to save her people.

If you loved First Lessons or The Bear and the Nightingale, try this epic fantasy saga set in a magical Russian world where trees walk, animals talk, and women rule.

Valya is a hero. Her people need a healer.

Love the Kushiel series or The Priory of the Orange Tree? Try this sweeping epic starring a bisexual warrior princess with a taste for dominance! This omnibus edition contains the complete trilogy in one volume.

Nine years ago, Valya left Krasnograd in disgrace. Now the Tsarina has called her back. Troublesome rumors are afoot, and someone must investigate them. Who better than the Tsarina’s hotheaded, rebellious heir?

Valya would like to leave her scandal-ridden past behind her. That might not be an option, though. As part of her plan to heal the rifts within her court, the Tsarina has ordered Valya to make a marriage alliance—with the son of the woman she hates most in the world. To do her duty, Valya may have to swallow her scruples and take up the mantle of dangerous seductress once again.

And then there are bigger problems. Valya has uncovered an underground slave trading business, operating right in the heart of Zem’, but her sister princesses refuse to believe her. To cleanse her beloved land of the corruption threatening it, Valya must go on a dangerous journey—one that will reveal not only the truth of the slave trade, but that of the magic Valya carries within her. Valya must heal her family, her land, and her people. She may destroy herself in the attempt.

The final installment in the Zemnian Series, this subversive fantasy trilogy returns to the land of Zem’, where trees walk, animals talk, and women rule.

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