“Lyme Madness” by Lori Dennis

Lyme Madness: Rescuing My Son Down the Rabbit Hole of Chronic Lyme Disease Lori Dennis Lori Dennis’s story is crazy–unless you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into Lymeland, as she calls it. Then it all makes sense. She was transported to Lymeland when her son Matt became mysteriously ill after graduating from college and starting […]

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Art and Dissidence in Eastern Europe: #ArkadyBabchenko and #FreeSentsov

I wasn’t going to write about the circus surrounding Arkady Babchenko’s “murder” and sudden resurrection, which continues to unfold, but I can’t stop myself.  It’s just too fascinating, and as far as I can tell the Western press has already moved back to the latest absurdity produced by Trump.  So here we go: A bombshell […]

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“Whatever I say is a half-truth”: Arkady #Babchenko and the Hybrid Truth of War Writing #BabchenkoAlive

As I posted yesterday, I’ve been caught up in the crazy, crazy, crazy story surrounding Russian writer Arkady Babchenko’s alleged murder and subsequent “resurrection,” , with the dramatic revelation at a press conference that the whole thing had been a sting operation and that Babchenko was still very much alive. Although I had not guessed in […]

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“Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic” by Pamela Weintraub

Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic Pamela Weintraub It’s hard to fathom, especially from the outside but also from the inside, the madness surrounding the Lyme epidemic. How could such a widespread, debilitating, and potentially deadly disease have been allowed to flourish not only unchecked but untreated and unresearched, even actively denied, for so many […]

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