Get a Sneak Peek of “The City of Shadows”! Plus this week’s selection of giveaways

Happy Solstice, everyone! In celebration of this most balanced and auspicious day, I thought I’d share a sneak peek of “The City of Shadows,” book 3 in the Giaco & Luca series. Between returning to teaching after my medical leave, and working on stuff related to my other pen name, I’ve been much slower than […]

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“Some Fine Day” by Kat Ross

The popularity of post-apocalyptic fiction is an interesting facet of the current literary landscape. Why this? Why now? Some aspects of it are self-explanatory. It’s the perfect way to set the adolescents in a YA novel free from adult/parental restraints, in a kind of modern desert island scenario. In a time when desert islands are […]

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Checking up on Chekhov, Part I. Plus Sneak Peek and Free Giveaways!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful post-Thanksgiving weekend! Mine has been productive–so productive, in fact, that I’m thrilled to announce that The Dreaming Land III: The Sacrifice is live, ready for its pre-launch preparations! I’ll be doing a free giveaway of the ebook for the “official” launch in December, but meanwhile the paperback is available, the […]

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“Nocturne” by Kat Ross

Nocturne (The Fourth Talisman #1) Kat Ross A few months ago I got “The Midnight Sea,” the first book in this omni-series or mega-series or uber-series or whatever you want to call it, through a giveaway. It was definitely the stand-out of all the books I got through that particularly giveaway, and so I’ve been […]

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“Matter of Time” by J.E. Nice

Matter of Time JE Nice In “Matter of Time,” dragons and humans co-exist in harmony–sort of. They live in the same city and work together, and the current king, chosen by humans and dragons alike, is a dragon, and everything seems great. Except for the screams and the disappearances. Something is definitely going on, but […]

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