Free books, five-star reviews, and an invitation to my ARC team

Hey Everyone! I hope the first week of August is treating you well! Here in NC, I’ve been trying to beat the heat while I work feverishly on the audiobooks of The Singing Shore II and The Singing Shore III simultaneously. I finished recording the audiobook of TSSII last month, and am now busily editing it, while also doing the initial recording […]

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The Singing Shore I is now available for preorder!

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your October. Over here we’re having beautiful, if rather dry and dusty, weather. I’ve been amusing myself by photographing fall blooms and posting them on my Instagram feed. Here’s one I took this morning of a neighbor’s zinnia: However, the really, really exciting news is that The Singing Shore I is up for […]

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Wolves, Priests, and Heroes: Reading recommendations for books by @hwhittenwrites, @katrossauthor, and @AMJusticewrites

Hello Everyone! Welcome to fall (or spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)! Here in NC it’s slowly becoming somewhat autumnal. Not a lot of fall color yet, but the temperatures the past few days have definitely been cooler than they’ve been in a while. I’m still working away on revising The Singing Shore (you can follow […]

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Sneak peek of sinister squirrels

Hello Everyone! It’s certainly warm here. A little too warm, some might say. Although it could be worse. I am trying to enjoy the midsummer flowers as much as possible, given that there’s still a chemical toilet next door filling up the neighborhood with toxic fumes. So mostly I’ve been hiding out inside. But that means I’ve […]

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Hot summer deals and cover reveals

Hello everyone! Happy Solstice! This is always one of my favorite times of year, and not just because it’s right around my birthday. If you want to experience the Solstice the way it was meant to be experienced (sort of), English Heritage will once again be live-streaming it from Stonehenge Sunday evening and Monday morning, BST. I […]

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