Free ARC of The Dreaming Land II, plus more giveaways!

Hurray!  It’s here!  An ARC of The Dreaming Land II, which you can pick up completely free (for a limited time) here.

Here’s the current cover:

TDLII Front Image with Text

And here’s the blurb:

Valya has won permission to hunt down the slave traders defiling her land and stealing its children. Now begins the most difficult part of her mission: she and her companions must track down the perpetrators of this crime, and rescue their victims. But as Valya will discover, the roots of the evil go deep.

And saving Zemnian children from death or a life of degrading servitude is not Valya’s only concern. She still must win the heart and hand of the son of her worst enemy, and unite the steppe with the rest of the country at a time when the succession and the very life of the Tsarina hangs in the balance. And then there is the question of her daughter’s magical gifts—and, it may be, her own. Like her foremothers, Valya is about to discover that gifts of power are as much a curse as a blessing, and can be a danger not just to the wielder, but to everyone around her. Valya wants to save Zem’ and the children who depend on her, but she may not even be able to save herself.

Drawing on sources as diverse as romance and medieval Russian epics, The Dreaming Land II continues the story begun in The Dreaming Land I and will take the reader on an epic physical, emotional, and spiritual journey that will appeal to fans of The Mists of Avalon, the Kushiel series, and classical Russian literature.

Here’s that link again for your free advance review copy.  I should say right now that this particular book is a bit racier than its predecessors.  It’s not *quite* as hot and steamy–and kinky–as the Kushiel series, but it’s in that general area.  So be warned!

And if you haven’t read Part I yet, you can get it for free (plus a lot of other books) in the Best New Releases in Fantasy giveaway.

Best New Releases in Fantasy

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