“Shadows of Lela” by Tessonja Odette

Shadows of Lela

Shadows of Lela

Tessonja Odette

Who doesn’t love unicorns? I certainly spent a lot of time fantasizing about unicorns at a certain age, which has not entirely passed, as evident by the fact that I snapped up this book as soon as I saw the cover.

“Shadows of Lela” is a fun, unicorn-intense story with some pleasant humorous interludes about a land that is being threatened by dark magic. Fortunately, there are some true champions, one of which is a princess in hiding, who has a unicorn helper. It’s an old trope but a good one, and everyone who’s ever dreamed of having a pet unicorn will probably feel their hearts warm a bit. There’s also a prince on a quest in order to earn the hand of (another) princess, who’s actually in love with his brother. Meanwhile, an evil monster stalks the land, and its kingdoms must unite in order to fight off the menace…

This is basically a YA sword-and-sorcery story, but anyone who wants a tale of adventure, derring-do, star-crossed lovers, and most importantly, unicorns, will probably find it enjoyable.

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