What Are We All Reading?

Hi Everyone! I’ve been busy–and exhausted and sore–from the beginning of the semester and returning to teaching, so I don’t have a lot of news to share right now. So I thought I’d do another reading roundup. A number of you wrote back to me the last time I asked for reading recommendations, and now my Kindle is bulging with TBR books! However, my thirst for books to try seems to be unquenchable, so I thought I’d share what I’m reading, and ask for more suggestions from you.

I’ve just acquired a couple of new releases that I’m very much looking forward to reading. Since I haven’t read these specific works yet, I can’t give an opinion on them, but I’ve enjoyed previous works in these series, so I’m pretty confident that I’m going to enjoy the latest installments too.

The Necromancer's Bride

The Necromancer’s Bride is the latest in Kat Ross’s Gaslamp Gothic series. I’ve read books 1 & 3 in the series (yes, out of order, which I don’t recommend but it’s what I did) and loved them both, so I have high hopes for book 4. The previous books combined late-Victorian culture with delightfully creepy Gothic atmosphere and a twisty mystery.

Nuttin but troubl

Gay Elfrotica author C.B. Archer has just released Nuttin’ But Troublefrom his College of United Monsters series. I won’t lie: this series won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and the Annals of Gentalia series won’t be either. They both are very, very naughty LGBTQ erotica. They’re also warmhearted, wildly imaginative, and laugh-out-loud funny.

I’ve also recently read and reviewed some pretty awesome new releases that aren’t fantasy, but might appeal to fantasy readers anyway.

Parliament of Crows

A Parliament of Crows is a Southern Gothic historical novel based on a real-life case of what may have been a trio of female serial killers. We see their career of murder from their perspective, and can’t help but sympathize with their will to survive, even as it leads them down a darker and darker path. Highly recommended for all fans of the Gothic.


The release of Vasily Grossman’s Stalingrad has been the Russian translation event of the year. You can read my full review of this magnificent novel here.

So what about you? What have you been reading?

And here are this week’s selection of giveaways!

August High Fantasy Giveaway

Don’t let the name fool you! The August High Fantasy Giveaway still has a week to go. Check it out while you still can!

LGBTQ Romance

Looking for something to warm you up now that the days are growing cooler? Check out the LGBT Romance & Erotica Book Event! All books are free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

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