“Shadow Stalker: Revolution Part 1” is out now #DarkFantasy #StrongFemaleLead

Hi all! As you know, I like to feature other authors here, especially indie authors writing fantasy with strong female leads. So I’m excited to share the news that Episode 23 of Renee Scattergood’s “Shadow Stalker” series is out today! It’s currently 99c or free on KU. Keep reading for a description, excerpt, and links.

SS Episode 23 Social Media Now Available Banner

It’s the calm before the storm, and the storm is closer than Auren thinks.

Auren is successfully using her ability to control people’s minds and actions to take over Nadiria and finally bring an end to the Galvadi Empire, but there is a catch. The more she uses that power, the more she loses herself to it.

If she can accomplish her mission quickly, it will reduce the chance of that happening. The allies she has found are helping her move things along, but there’s a lot of work to do and horrors that Auren has not yet discovered that will make controlling herself nearly impossible.

Her friends and allies are growing concerned over her unpredictable violent actions, and Auren knows her time is running out.

Keep reading for an excerpt!

The room was so dark, I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, but I could feel the intruder’s presence. The stirring of air and his soft footfalls were all I needed to know exactly where he was. He was heading towards my bed from the opposite side, so he must have thought I was still asleep.

I was behind him now. I swung my fist, hoping to get him in the back of his neck, but he grabbed my arm before I reached him. I opened my mouth to call out to Lieutenant Kego when a hand smothered my cries. His other arm snaked around my body and pinned me to his chest. I wasn’t going to make this easy for him, though. I struggled in his arms, determined to free myself. I raised my arm, ready to elbow him in the gut.

“Auren, it’s me.”

Want more? You can get it for 99c or read for free on KU here.

And new readers can pick up the first 6 episodes for free here.

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