The Breathing Sea I is Free This Week!

Greetings, all! With the spring equinox rapidly approaching, now seems like a great time to make the first part of my story of spring, The Breathing Sea, free! The promo will be running March 16-20. And of course it’s always free on KU. Get it here.

Here’s that link again to get The Breathing Sea I free on Kindle.

And if you want to read some recent posts about how The Breathing Sea is a story of spring (and Russian literature), you can do so here and here. And here’s a post on some of the Russian fairy tales and other extratextual allusions that are reworked in it.

Well, I could add more about my current project and how you should be expecting to see my first story in a brand-new/old and revived series set in a magical version of Renaissance Florence soon, but I’ll just tell you to stay tuned for more updates, and leave you with a list of yet *more* free giveaways to check out.

St. Patrick's Day Giveaway

Are you feeling lucky? The St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway has books of all genres.

Explore Fantasy Promo banner

The Explore Science Fiction and Fantasy Giveaway comes with the chance to win a $25 gift card to the ebook retailer of your choice

Dragon Rider ready for attack

The March Fantasy Extravaganza has over 100 free fantasy titles to choose from!

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