“The Serial Dater’s Shopping List” by Morgen Bailey

The Serial Dater’s Shopping List

Serial Dater's shopping list

Morgen Bailey

I read a review of “The Serial Dater’s Shopping List” on another blog and it caught my eye as a fun change of pace from some of the stuff I normally read. Besides, who doesn’t want to read about bad dates?

Izzy is in many ways your typical chick lit protagonist: she’s single, like books and movies but nothing serious, and eats too many sweets and doesn’t get enough exercise. She’s forty, which makes her older than your typical chick lit protagonist, something that has promise but isn’t really developed in the story. She writes a technology column for the local paper but is given the assignment of going on thirty-one dates in thirty-one days, one for every day in May.

There’s a lot of fun stuff about the experience of trawling through the murky seas of internet dating, plus the pitfalls of meeting these men in the flesh. Some are charming; most, not so much. Izzy does want to look for love, as do her colleagues at work, and as is often the case it ends up being just where she doesn’t expect it.

This is a fun, lighthearted take on modern dating that will probably entertain those who enjoy reading that kind of story. The descriptions of dates can be quite funny, and there is an actual romance hidden under there, although it mainly takes back seat to the humor. Something to check out if you’re in the mood for something light and gently amusing about modern love.

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