#Free #Books and More #FreeBooks!

Goodness!  Is Maslenitsa week already almost over? I guess that means that spring is almost here!  Of course, in parts of the world early “spring” looks, or at least looked, a lot like this:

Maslenitsa Kustodiev

While down here where I’m currently living, I’m pleased to say that the daffodils burst into bloom yesterday, and this time of year can look a lot more like this:


So whatever your spring looks like, now seems like a good time to offer up my coming-of-age fantasy novel “The Breathing Sea I” as a free sacrifice to the pagan gods of spring.  It’s free all weekend on Kindle; the link is here.  And yes, there are fawns!

And of course, the Fabulous February Fantasy Giveaway is still going strong, so if you can’t make it to a Carnival celebration or Shrovetide Fair in person this week, why not stroll up and down its virtual aisles and check out all the free books on display?  The magic portal that will take you there is here.


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