Hot summer deals and cover reveals

Hello everyone!

Happy Solstice! This is always one of my favorite times of year, and not just because it’s right around my birthday. If you want to experience the Solstice the way it was meant to be experienced (sort of), English Heritage will once again be live-streaming it from Stonehenge Sunday evening and Monday morning, BST. I watched it last year and it was lovely.

Speaking of Midsummer, The Dreaming Land I, which is set during Midsummer, is still free and is currently part of a couple of different free book events. It’s being featured this month on Barnes & Noble’s Free eBook Favorites page. It was on page 4 when I last checked, but they seem to rotate the books around. And you might want to browse around anyway–there are free books of pretty much every genre there.

It’s also available, along with a number of other fantasy books, in the Fantastic Realms fantasy giveaway on Bookfunnel. I read I Bring the Fire: Wolves, a kind of romantic fantasy featuring Loki that’s also available in the giveaway, a few years ago, and enjoyed it, so if you’re looking for something new, that’s my recommendation!

And finally, as promised, here are the hardback cover reveals 🙂 I’ve been taking a little time off of actually writing to make hardcover versions of my books. The Breathing Sea I & II are currently under review, but you get almost first look at them. (I say almost first look because I shared the working versions of them on Instagram first. If you want real-time updates on what I’m working on, you can check out my Instagram profile at @elenapedigo. It’s mainly a personal account, but you’re welcome to follow me if you’d like to see daily word counts or see covers in the process of being created).

So here they are! I spent a while fiddling with ultimately unworkable concepts before finally settling on these versions. I’m waiting to get the actual physical proofs before I commit to them, but this is their current state.

This was surprisingly difficult.
As was this.

So there you have it! I hope you’re having a wonderful Solstice weekend, whether it’s summer or winter. 

Here are those links again:

Barnes & Noble Free eBook Favorites

Fantastic Realms fantasy ebook giveaway

Stay safe, and happy reading!


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