Free book fair, plus the agony and ecstasy of hardbacks!

Hello Everyone!

Such a busy weekend! I hope you’re enjoying it, wherever you are.

Let’s see, where to start, where to start…I guess with the announcement that the ebook of The Dreaming Land I: The Challenge is currently free on all storefronts.

Grab your copy here

Second of all, I got invited into a private beta Amazon is running of a new hardback program. So hardbacks of The Midnight Land I: The Flight are now available! They’re gorgeous, but creating those files was quite a headache, let me tell you. And the pain went on for weeks.

Let us not speak of how long it took to make all those little lines…

But now that the pain is over, I’m quite pleased with the final product! I’ve even started working on the next book.

Grab your copy here.

And finally, I’m participating in Fantastic Realms’ Free Scifi and Fantasy book fair.

Loads of free books, including my own, here.

So that’s it for this weekend! I’m sure I will have more updates on the agony and the ecstasy of creating hardback covers next time. Meanwhile, stay cool, and happy reading!


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