Come Say Hi at OWS CyCon and Grab a FREE Copy of “The Shadowy Man”!

Oh boy! It’s a weekend of exciting news!

First of all, it’s the official launch of my Italian-themed fantasy mystery novella “The Shadowy Man“! It’s currently free on Kindle; you can grab a copy here. And, as always, reviews will be highly appreciated!

Second of all, OWS CyCon 2019 is going on May 17-19!

What, you might ask, is CyCon? It’s just what it sounds like: a cyber convention for readers, authors, bloggers, and anyone else who loves books! I have a booth in the Fantasy section, and you can come visit me here. You can also vote in the Cover Wars face-off (obviously I’m hoping you vote for “The Shadowy Man” if it’s still in contention :)) and check out the Blog Tour.

Fantasy blog tour

Check out the post I’m hosting, by A.F. Stewart, on what makes her fantasy world unique!

So, please, stop on by! Here are those links again:

Universal link for a FREE copy of “The Shadowy Man”:

Link to the main OWS CyCon site:

And don’t forget to check out this week’s selections of giveaways!

Beautiful Covers

Feast your eyes on the Beautiful Cover Giveaway!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Go on a fantasy adventure with the Follow the Yellow Brick Road Giveaway!

The Write Stuff

Check out this broad selection of books by female authors in The Write Stuff Giveaway!

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