Virtual FantasyCon, Free New Releases, Giveaways…What More Could a Fantasy-Lover Want?

Happy weekend, everyone! Today’s a very special weekend for me for a whole bunch of reasons, so I’ll just jump straight into them.

First of all, I’m doing a free giveaway of The Dreaming Land II: The Journey on Kindle this week!

TDLII Front Image with Text

Now seems like a great place to give a shout-out to all everyone who’s posted a review–you ROCK!

TDLII is a very emotional book for me. In fact, the whole Dreaming Land mini-series is an intensely emotional project for me, but TDLII is special as the central turning-point in Valya’s story, where she has to face up to multiple moral quandaries, and choose to become a good person rather than a bad person–and define what being a good person means, which isn’t always the obvious answer. Then there’s the environmental message, which is very dear to my heart, and Valya’s struggles with the enervating effects of her growing magical powers, which are based on my own experiences of becoming sicker and sicker with late-stage neuroborreliosis, AKA chronic Lyme disease. I started TDL shortly after I had my first major episode of something-being-very-wrong, and wrote the latter half of the mini-series over the summer I first became too weak to walk normally, and had to cancel all my summer plans and spend hours every day sleeping or just lying miserably on the couch. And I thought I was sick then…

Anyway, it’s been a long road, but you can get TDLII for free this weekend here, and the conclusion to the mini-series and the entire Zemnian Series will be out next month.

But that’s not all! Oh no! Where to start, where to start…

Well, maybe now is a good place to mention the Dark Nights and Book Delights giveaway, with over 100 fantasy and paranormal books available for free all November.

Winter of the Gods Cover Small

Winter of the Gods is just one of many books you can grab for free in this giveaway

And then there’s Virtual FantasyCon 2018, starting on Sunday and running all week. Come on by and visit me and a ton of other fantasy authors for chit-chat, games, and, I have no doubt, a ton of books!

Virtual FantasyCon 2018

Stop by and say hi!

Oh, and last but certainly not least, a reminder that The Magical Book of Wands has just been released and is currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for the next 90 days, so if you have a KU subscription, now is a great time to read it for free!

Magical Book of Wands

You can read a preview of my story “The Dragonbone Wand” here and find the page here.

Whatever you do, have a great weekend, and enjoy your reading!

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