#FreeBooks! #Giveaways in Contemporary Upmarket Fiction and #NewReleases in #Fantasy

Okay, so I’m done, I’m absolutely, completely done with posting about Arkady Babchenko–for now.  No doubt I’ll rant about it further again soon.  Someone asked me if I felt personally betrayed or just upset by the situation, and I had to say: both.  My personal acquaintance with Arkady is so slight that I certainly don’t feel like he owes me anything on a face-to-face level, but you can’t perform multiple close readings of someone’s text without feeling like you “know” them on some deep level, especially when that text is a confessional memoir.  So I feel weirdly betrayed by and protective of him at the same time.

Which is totally my own problem and not anyone else’s.  Not that that’s going to make me shut up about it.  In the meantime, I might as well get back to (self) promotion.  I have an ARC of the first volume of my upcoming release “The Dreaming Land” in two different giveaways going on all June, so why not mosey on over and check them out?

TDLI Front Cover 5:31

I keep tweaking the cover for “The Dreaming Land I.”  This is the current version.

The first is a small, select giveaway for contemporary upmarket fiction.  It’s a group of books, including a couple of mine, that straddle the line between genre and literary fiction, which is certainly where I’m trying to position myself.

Contemporary Upmarket Fiction

Check out this fun and unusual giveaway!

The second is quite a big giveaway of new releases in fantasy.

Best New Releases in Fantasy

Who doesn’t need a little new fantasy in their lives 😉

Happy reading, folks, and enjoy the first week of June!  June is my birth month, so I always have a special fondness for it.  Plus I love summer weather!

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