“Desires of the Deep” by CB Archer

Desires of the Deep

Desires of the Deep

CB Archer

After the impossibly crazy “Annals of Gentalia,” where could the intrepid CB Archer go next, some of us wondered. To school, obviously.

“Desires of the Deep” leaves behind the gaming world of Gentalia, turning instead to an all-species college that has recently started admitting humans. Cliff Waters, human, has been mistakenly put in the merfolk, who, it turns out, have an intense leg fetish and no shame in showing it.

If you’ve read the “Gentalia” books then you won’t be surprised to discover that “Desires of the Deep” goes to some very, very strange places. Definitely 18+ and very kinky, with multiple episodes of m/m fantasy monster shenanigans that (in case you missed it the first time I said it) go to some very strange places. So you are forewarned. In another book the story might have come across as rather disturbing, but, like the “Gentalia” stories, this one is full of a warmhearted zest for love and life that transforms it into a delightful tale of two misfits, ahem, fitting together. A short little novelette, it would serve well as a charming pick-me-up between bouts of heavier reading or during a break, although NOT recommended for reading at work 🙂 But in the privacy of your own home/dorm room/whatever, a heart- and body-warming little tale to read during the cold dark days of midwinter.

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