“Patchers of the Code” by CB Archer

Patchers of the Code (The Anders’ Quest Series Book 3)


At last! The hotly anticipated (by me, at least) final book to the “Annals of Gentalia” series, “Patchers of the Code,” is finally here! Lovers of comic fantasy and very bizarre erotica, rejoice!

If you haven’t read the first two installments in the series, then you’ll want to do that before reading this book, because otherwise you’ll be even more lost than Anders in the Forest of Onn. The book opens in medias res, immediately after the shocking finale of Book 2, in which our hero Anders “dies.” Or does he? Who is this mysterious single pixel who reappears in the narrative here in Book 3? And what about Lissa, Palcath, Zal Finn III, Caela, Hippolyta, Roodg, and, of course, Kray?

As you can see from the cast of characters, there are more plot lines and side plots than a map of the London Underground, and all the twists and turns of a mountainside road. Although there are certainly plenty of giggle-moments, not to mention anatomically impossible sex, this book is more action-oriented (in the non-sexy sense) than the previous installments, as the characters rush to save the game world before the evil Admins destroy it. A dizzying array of schemes, counter-schemes, dramatic reveals, quarrels and make-ups (not to mention make-outs!) keeps the characters and the reader busy right up until the endearingly sweet (spoiler alert!!!) real-world ending, when everyone gets to meet in the non-pixelated flesh.

For all that I said above that this book has slightly *less* kinky sex than its predecessors, “less” is a comparative word. The squeamish need not apply, especially those who have no desire to read about a menage a trois involving only two people (certain characters are *very* well endowed 😉 ). This is erotica with a plot, but it’s still erotica, involving pretty much every combination a very expansive imagination could come up with. So be warned. But don’t be dissuaded if you’re curious. The characters and the entire series are infused with a warm-hearted exuberance that draws you in and makes you wish that maybe you, too, could be a part of this world, and what more could fantasy readers hope for? I may even consider taking up gaming after reading this series.

Get your own copy of Patchers of the Code (The Anders’ Quest Series Book 3) here!

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