“Esper Files: The Sky Cult” by Egan Brass

“Esper Files: The Sky Cult” is the continuation of the first “Esper Files” book, and starts shortly after where the first book left off. Freya, whose deadly ice powers were revealed in book 1, is now in training at the Institute, and the Esper community is under threat from external misunderstanding and treachery within the House of Lords. Fortunately Nathan, James, and Freya are there to save the day…

Like the previous book in the series, this book can best be described as “steampunk X-Men.” So if that sounds great to you, you’re probably going to get a big kick out of it, and if it doesn’t, you won’t. The villains–who are new and impressive–are either dastardly schemers or tortured psychotics, the main characters continue to engage in super-heroics interspersed with banter and backchat, and the action flows thick and fast. The steampunk creations are inventive and fun, and we learn more about how Esper powers work, and in particular those of Nathan, who undergoes a considerable evolution over the course of the story. All in all, this may not be Literature with a Capital L, but it’s good imaginative entertainment, full of zest and exuberance.

My thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Intrigued?  You can grab your own copy (for 99c!) here.

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