“Forfeit” by Dick Francis

Forfeit Dick Francis I hadn’t read “Forfeit” in, oh, twenty years or something, until I recently picked it up and reread it. As always, rereading is as enlightening as reading. “Forfeit” is one of Francis’s slighter works in many ways, but it gets added depth by the interactions between Ty (the hero) and his wife […]

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“Matter of Time” by J.E. Nice

Matter of Time JE Nice In “Matter of Time,” dragons and humans co-exist in harmony–sort of. They live in the same city and work together, and the current king, chosen by humans and dragons alike, is a dragon, and everything seems great. Except for the screams and the disappearances. Something is definitely going on, but […]

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“Starburst: Women of the Grey” by Carol James Marshall

Starburst (Women of the Grey) (Volume 1) Operating somewhere on the border between horror, suspense, and sci-fi, “Starburst: Women of the Grey” is deceptively simple and yet creepily riveting. The narrative alternates between Lisa, Craig, Maggie, Rafael, and Iggy. We gradually learn that Lisa belongs to a non-human (but humanoid in appearance) all-female group called […]

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