“Stalingrad” by Vasily Grossman, Translated by Robert Chandler

Probably the Russian literature event of the year in the English-speaking world has been the publication of the English translation of Vasily Grossman’s “Stalingrad,” the first part of his two-part series about the battle of Stalingrad that concludes with “Life and Fate.” Me reading “Life and Fate” for my PhD comps while camping out on […]

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What Makes My World(s) Unique? (Hint: It’s a Woman’s, Woman’s, Woman’s World)

This post is part of OWS CyCon 2019! Come say hi to us here. For this post I’ve been asked to talk about what makes my fantasy world(s)–because I have several–unique. Happily, this is something I’ve put a lot of thought into! I’ll start with my main fantasy world, which I feature in The Zemnian Series.  […]

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“The Monastery” (Обитель) by Zakhar Prilepin

The Monastery Zakhar Prilepin “Humanity is dark and terrifying, but the world is human and warm.” So ends Zakhar Prilepin’s massive historical novel “The Monastery” (Обитель), about the Solovki monastery-turned-prison-camp, the seed of the GULAG system. Following the fortunes of Artyom Goryainov, a prisoner in the camp, the novel charts all the aspects of prison […]

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