Sneak Peek of Brand-New Work in Progress! Plus this week’s selection of book giveaways

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Maybe you had a wonderful Friend Day, as they say in Finland, by eschewing all the marketing around yet another over-commercialized holiday, but that’s okay too. That’s what I did. And if you went out and had a super-romantic experience, well, the rest of us will try not to […]

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“The New Voices of Fantasy”

“The New Voices of Fantasy” is an eclectic mixture of diverse fantasy authors, featuring a multitude of subgenres in stories set around the globe. Although the short story format means that the worlds and cultures the authors have created appear only in snippet form, which is not normally my favorite way to experience fantasy, this […]

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B2BCyCon is Here!

Yes indeedy!  B2BCyCon is here and there’s loads and loads to do!  Here’s the main page: You can also check out all the books at the book expo, visit with the authors at the author showcase, check out blogs at the blog hop, go on a genre tour (the fantasy one will take you back to me!), pick up free books […]

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“Starburst: Women of the Grey” by Carol James Marshall

Starburst (Women of the Grey) (Volume 1) Operating somewhere on the border between horror, suspense, and sci-fi, “Starburst: Women of the Grey” is deceptively simple and yet creepily riveting. The narrative alternates between Lisa, Craig, Maggie, Rafael, and Iggy. We gradually learn that Lisa belongs to a non-human (but humanoid in appearance) all-female group called […]

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