“The Daemoniac” by Kat Ross

“The Daemoniac” is a venture into a new genre by epic fantasy author Kat Ross. It is, as it says in the subtitle, a Gaslamp Gothic story, meaning set in the late Victorian era. 1888, to be precise, shortly after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published “A Study in Scarlet,” and shortly before Jack the Ripper’s […]

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ARCs of “Half a Dream” are Here! Plus Reading Recommendations and Giveaways

Wow! Halfway through June already! Time really does keep on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future. Hope that thought doesn’t make everyone too uncomfortable. To be honest, it makes me a little uncomfortable. But why think about that when you can think about the onrushing summer? So, since it’s summertime, now seems like a great time to […]

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“Capsoul” by Alex Krasnov

Capsoul Alex Krasnov If you like numerology, this is the book for you. A mixture of science, science fiction, fantasy, and mysticism based on numerology, “Capsoul” is the story of a group of emigres from the former USSR to the US and Canada who design a project to create a kind of “immortality machine” that […]

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