The Singing Shore II: Sky and Stone is out now!

Hello All!

I hope you are doing well, and if you were in the path of Hurricane Ian, that it passed you by lightly. It roared over us last night, but it looks like our neighborhood has gotten off pretty easily so far. Fingers crossed that that’s it for the storm, and for hurricane season in general!

And now for the really exciting news–The Singing Shore II: Sky and Stoneis now available! Yes, it’s just been released and is available in a variety of formats from a variety of retailers. You can also request it from your local library. The universal link is here.

Here’s the blurb:

“A rollicking good fantasy worthy of both leisure reading and study.”—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Blood magic is dark and dangerous. Is it Dasha’s only hope?

When Dasha, Tsarinovna of all of Zem’, began a dalliance with her halfblood steppe guard Alik while on a mission of peace to the warlike Rutsi, she never thought it would lead to carrying his spirit in her body. But when he dies saving her from an attack by a magical wolf, Dasha saves his life the only way she can—with forbidden blood magic.

Blood magic is dangerous, but that proves to be the least of Dasha’s problems. After her betrothal to a Rutsi prince goes catastrophically awry, Dasha finds herself on the run through a beautiful but hostile landscape, hunted by Rutsi warriors and ravening wolves alike. Her fickle visions, meanwhile, have abandoned her just when she needs them most.

Dasha has to fight through her fears and learn to harness the power of blood magic and lovers’ bonds to save herself and those she cares about most. But lost in the woods and with winter coming on, will Dasha be able to survive to the next sunrise, let alone until her visions return?

A transcendent high fantasy adventure that combines spiritual exploration and spicy romance against the backdrop of an evocative Finnish landscape, 

The Singing Shore II: Sky and Stone will appeal to fans of The Bear and the NightingaleThe Wolf and the Woodsman, and anyone who loves smart, subversive, female-centered fantasy.


Getting the ebook, paperback, hardback, and audiobook all wrangled into shape in time for the release was a challenge, and I think Audible still doesn’t have the audiobook version up (of course!), but I’m very pleased with how everything has turned out. This part of The Singing Shore trilogy is particularly dear to my heart because of the Finnish aspect to it, which was a lot of fun to research and write. 

Oh, and if you haven’t read the previous books featuring Dasha, the heroine of The Singing ShoreThe Breathing Sea Iis currently free on all stores, and The Breathing Sea IIis currently just 99c/99p! 

I could go on and on about the themes, motifs, inspirations, and so on for these books, but I’ll restrain myself and just leave you with those links again:

The Singing Shore II: Sky and Stone

The Breathing Sea I: Burning

The Breathing Sea II: Drowning

Happy reading, and take care!

E.P. Clark

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