The Midnight Land I is now free on all storefronts

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re staying safe and enjoying the holiday season. I have succumbed to my addiction to online gaming in a very minor way. You see, I got a Jacquie Lawson advent calendar. You might think that’s pretty safe, but noooooooo. If you’ve ever gotten one, you know that they’re fiendishly stuffed with various versions of solitaire and other games. I have been spending far too much time playing a Tetris-like jewel game. By far too much time I mean maybe half an hour a day, but when you have as many problems from sitting at the computer as I do, that’s way too much time.

Still, we all must have a little fun and games in our lives, mustn’t we? I mean, you’ve got to have some play, right? Right.

I’ve also been taking care of Renee, my half-Italian Greyhound who’s been having some mysterious health problems recently. After a battery of tests turned up nothing, I had her teeth cleaned–and the vet discovered she had a broken molar (: (: She is now recuperating. At the moment things are still pretty sad for her, but here’s hoping that she perks up soon! 

Here she is after surgery.

The other exciting news is that the ebook of The Midnight Land I is now free on all storefronts!

Currently $0.00 on all major retailers!

And The Midnight Land II is on a temporary discount of just $2.99!

The Midnight Land was my first full-length fantasy novel (that I actually published–there were numerous novels that were finished but will never, ever see the light of day). It came out a lot wilder and weirder than I originally intended, but that’s part of the magic of art, right? If you haven’t read it yet, now is a great time to pick it up.

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy reading!


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