Audiobooks and Arthurian Retellings

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re staying safe and doing well. Here we’re enjoying some slightly cooler weather while waiting for the other shoe to drop with school reopenings. Luckily for me, I’m not teaching this semester in any case, but so far in-person classes are going poorly around the country. So hunker down as best you can, and hopefully we’ll all ride out the storm.

Last time I asked if you had any good reading recommendations, and I got some great books sent my way! I’m sharing them in case you’re looking for reading ideas. Meanwhile, keep the book recommendations coming!

As I mentioned earlier this summer when I wrote about Douglas Clegg’s Mordred, Bastard Son, I do like a good Arthurian retelling. My thanks to Julia for recommending Susannah Rowntree’s Pendragon’s Heir trilogy, which I am just finishing up. It’s three short novels/novellas about King Arthur’s daughter and the Grail Quest. It’s an erudite, literary kind of series, but also short and easy to read. Definitely check it out if you like tales of King Arthur!

Speaking of Arthurian retellings, Natania Barron has one coming out in December, about Anna Pendragon, King Arthur’s sister. If that sounds interesting, check out Queen of None here. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read by Natania Barron so far, so I’m looking forward to Queen of None!

On a very different note, a big thanks to Joann for suggesting Highfire, by Eoin Colfer. I just got the audiobook from my local library and started listening to it, and so far it is a scream! The world’s last dragon is hiding out in the Louisiana bayou. When he’s discovered by a teenage boy with a juvenile delinquency problem, things go crazy very quickly…there’s a lot of “adult language” in this rip-roaring modern fantasy, so be warned, but it truly is a delight. The narrator of the audiobook does a great job, too!

On the topic of audiobooks, I’m participating in a giveaway of samples of fantasy audiobooks on Bookfunnel. It’s small but some of the books (including mine!) look pretty good, so definitely check it out.

Free Fantasy Audiobook Samples!

Have a great week, everyone, and happy reading!


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