Get a Free ARC of “The City of Shadows”!

Hi All!

Yes, it’s finally here! Free e-ARCs are available of The City of Shadows, the third (and currently final) installment in the Giaco & Luca series.

But first, a humble request for a favor. I am currently getting ready for the official launch of Half a Dream, the second book in the series. So it’s “secretly” already live on Amazon, even though the big free giveaway for it won’t happen until next week. But in the meantime, if you feel moved to leave a review for it on Amazon, that would be much appreciated! The universal link is here. If you’ve already left a review on Goodreads (for which HUGE thanks!), you can just copy and paste it. Reviews don’t have to be long at all: a couple of sentences saying what you think is all it takes to make an author’s day :).

And now, without further ado, here’s the link to get your free Advance Review Copy of The City of Shadows.

City of Shadows final cover

I won’t lie: I’m really diggin’ the cover.

And here’s this week’s selection of promos and giveaways!

Mythic Stories

There’s one more week left of the Mythic Stories Freebie Fair!

Fall High Fantasy Reads

Ready to get into some fall reading? Check out the Fall High Fantasy Reads Giveaway!

Octoberfest Giveaway

More fall reading! Get ready for Halloween with this collection of fantasy, horror, and paranormal romance, all free!

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