“The Flame of Battle” by Melinda R. Cordell and Pauline Creeden

The Flame of Battle

The Flame of Battle

Pauline Creeden and Melinda R. Cordell

Dyrfinna loves battle, commanding, and dragons. But her dreams of becoming a dragonrider or getting her own command may be in jeopardy because she can’t control her magic–or her temper. After a tragic accident, will her friends and family ever forgive her?

This is a high-action, high-adventure story of a young Viking-esque woman set in a medieval Scandinavia in which magic and dragons exist. It’s fast-paced and written in an extremely modern vernacular, which may appeal to some readers but may put others off.

That being said, it’s an easy read with plenty of thrills to keep the reader on their toes. Dyrfinna is to a certain extent your typical feisty YA heroine, but her attachment to her little sister is touching and adds an element of depth to the story. And the plotline of incompetent commanders trying to push out the competent ones, and a father who can’t seem to forgive his daughter for a childish mistake, is genuinely engaging and will be sure to enrage readers with a sense of justice. Overall, “The Flame of Battle” is a competently done YA sword-and-sorcery style fantasy that will probably appeal to younger readers or those looking for plenty of swordfights, magical duels, and dragon rides.

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