“She Sins at Midnight” by Whitney Dineen

She Sins at Midnight

She Sins at Midnight

Whitney Dineen

Tired of reading heavy tomes or dry-as-dust textbooks? Looking for a read that will spice up your life a little, or at least make you laugh like a hyena? “She Sins at Midnight” may be just the book for you!

Lila Montgomery is a size-12 beauty in a size-0 world, AKA Hollywood. She’s the assistant to a big-time agent who is just the kind of sleezebag you’d expect in the industry, and she’s provoked the rage of a A-list starlet with an equally sleazy personal life. Although Lila’s friends back home in the Midwest envy her glamorous single lifestyle, Lila herself isn’t so thrilled with it. As she muses:

“They (those alien creatures in the film business who held American women’s self-esteem in their grubby little hands) considered anything above a size four an emergency candidate for gastric bypass. If one more metro-sexual Hollywood type told Lila what a pretty face she had, she was going to smile graciously and kick the back-handed compliment giver right in the balls.”

Straitlaced Lila does have one source of comfort: historical romance bodice-rippers of a particularly steamy variety. Not only does she read them, but she’s written one which achieves stunning success upon its release. Unfortunately Lila writes under a nome de plume in order not to embarrass her family and friends, whom she’s sure can never accept her double life. But when she goes home and meets the hunky lawyer who was her teenage crush and served as the model for her hero, everything threatens to unravel.

“She Sins at Midnight” is not, and let’s get that out there right now, gritty realism. It’s pure fantasy, with a ridiculously complicated fairy-tale plot and zany adventures right, left, and center. It’s also a hilarious send-up of “thin” culture from a former plus-size model who no doubt knows of what she speaks. It’s feel-good fluff, but it’s feel-good fluff with plenty of humor and some serious zings against our culture’s obsession with policing women’s bodies into waif-like sex objects who are not actually that sexy. Delightful escapist fun for those who enjoy humorous “chick lit.”

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