“For the Love of Katie” by Erica Lucke Dean

For the Love of Katie

For the Love of Katie

Erica Lucke Dean

Everything *should* be going swimmingly for Katie James, soon to become Katie Maxwell, but somehow she still manages to get into situations a saner woman would hopefully avoid. Luckily she has people who love her…

“For the Love of Katie” is a charming, lighthearted, and often hilarious addition to the “clumsy screwup finds love” genre. Katie is a klutz with questionable decision-making skills that often lead her into less than truthful territory. In real life she’d probably be irritating, or at least I would find her so, but on the page her frequently self-inflicted problems are somewhere between cringe-worthy (as when she gets photographed clutching the posterior of a gay stripper while traveling to her wedding), amusing (as when she has various clothing-related disasters), and laugh-out-loud funny (as when some poor decision-making involving champagne results in her getting vajazzled without her knowledge). I can’t say that this is “serious literature,” but it IS entertaining, and fans of Sophie Kinsella, Janet Evanovich, and that kind of light and zany romantic comedy will probably find it a pleasant read and good for a laugh. If you’re tired of reading bad news and just want to spend a few hours chuckling over a happily-ever-after love story, “For the Love of Katie” is the book for you.

My thanks to the author for providing a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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