“A Maverick Traveller” by MaryJane Walker

A Maverick Traveller

Maverick traveller

Mary Jane Walker

“A Maverick Traveller” is a straightforward, high-spirited account of the author’s adventures traveling around the world, as she does everything from sail across the Pacific in a Chinese junk to go mountain climbing in the Alps. In between, and perhaps even more fascinatingly, it chronicles her involvement in New Zealand politics as both an activist and a politician.

MaryJane Walker’s adventures are numerous, and the reader has to admire her willingness to throw herself into exciting situation after exciting situation and try all different kinds of travel adventures. The writing is simple and clear; this is basically an account of what she’s done with her life instead of working an “ordinary” job. There are also snippets of historical and geographical background, and the author’s opinions on various domestic and world affairs.

In fact, as an American reader what I found most interesting was MaryJane’s view on the US. American readers don’t often get outsider opinions on our country, and so it was fascinating to see her view of America as a militaristic nuclear superpower–and how charming she found the US once she arrived and started traveling around it.

“A Maverick Traveller” is a light, quick read that many an armchair traveler will probably enjoy.

I read this book via Kindle Unlimited and reviewed it at the author’s request. All opinions are my own.

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