“The Cutaway” by Christina Kovac

The Cutaway

The Cutaway: A Thriller

Today’s the release day, so I’m rerunning this review!

“The Cutaway” is a fast-paced and exciting story set in the glitz, glamor, and danger of DC. Containing elements of a police procedural, it changes the focus by narrating the action from the point of view of a television reporter covering the story of a young woman’s disappearance. We are given a view of events that is both the ultimate insider’s view–who knows what goes on in DC better than a reporter who covers it?–and the ultimate outsider’s view–a reporter is always standing on the outside covering the news. Except in this case, the reporter is in danger of becoming the story she’s covering.

Like TV news itself, the action in this book is so fast it’s almost frenetic, and in danger of becoming a cliche. Still, the building and sustaining of suspense is masterful, with plenty of twists, turns, and misdirections that leave you guessing who the real villain is right to the end. And it has to be said that there’s a superfluity of good-looking male eye candy, which is always a plus in a book 😉 Not that the book is completely escapist: it always keeps one foot grounded in reality, with plenty of details about the nitty-gritty of news-gathering that only add to the suspense. Readers looking for an exciting, quick thriller/crime novel are likely to enjoy this book a lot.

My thanks to NetGalley for providing a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

You can get your own copy here: The Cutaway: A Thriller

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