“Lilyth” by Tiyana Angel

Lilyth – Book 1 (The Shadow Spirits Paradox)


Lilyth has lost her mother and is being raised by her grandparents, but she is haunted by dreams of the flood that took her mother away. Her village is now dwindling, and the men that are left are being drafted to fight a shadow that is menacing the kingdom. At the same time, Lilyth discovers that she is heir to an ancient magic. Will she be able to harness her new-found powers in order to save her friends and family?

“Lilyth” is an entertaining entry into the YA fantasy genre. Compact and brisk-moving, it nonetheless manages to fit in a high-spirited heroine and an action-heavy plot that–cliffhanger warning!–cuts off just at the crucial moment, preparing the reader for book 2.

Although Lilyth’s encounters with Death make this story a little bit darker than many YA books that you might encounter, the story has an almost naive freshness to it that may appeal to readers, especially younger readers. In keeping with the compact nature of the narrative, Lilyth and the other characters are sketched out briefly rather than filled in with detail, but this is also likely to appeal to younger readers. Overall, a fun and easy read for those looking for some YA fantasy.

My thanks to the author for providing a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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