“Law and Disorder” by Heather Graham

In “Law and Disorder,” spunky heroine Kody finds herself taken hostage by a criminal band looking to capitalize on her knowledge of Florida history in order to find a famous cache of loot. Only one of the bandits seems strangely familiar–and awfully attractive…

This book has a lot of what you’d expect in a romantic thriller, so if you enjoy the genre, you’ll probably enjoy it. Kody is small and cute, but plucky and smart, mouthing off to her captors and getting between them and the other hostages. Nick is really a good guy, despite his outwardly imposing appearance and air of command, and the two find themselves instantly drawn to each other. The book is saved from being a cliche by its quirky, original voice and snappy, out-there dialogue, as well as its whole-armed embrace of the goofiness of its concept, with the bandits all wearing costume masks of famous gangsters and going by those names (“Capone,” “Floyd,” etc.), and the whole group stumbling around in the Everglades, freaking out over coral snakes, pythons, and alligators as they dig in the mud for buried treasure that may or may not be there. The emphasis is more on the action and the wacky treasure hunt that Kody gets dragged into than on steamy romance, but there’s enough of that as well to satisfy romance fans. A fun, slightly silly romp through South Florida, perfect if you’re feeling a midwinter chill and are looking for something for something quick and light to warm you up.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Want a copy?  You can pick it up here.

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