“Dragonhorse and the Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge” by Denice Garrou

“Dragonhorse” basically fulfilled all my childhood fantasies. In it, a young woman discovers she has magical powers, which she uses mainly to heal horses. I can’t tell you how much this idea gripped me (and continues to grip me). So if you, too, harbor fantasies of using magical powers to heal beautiful horses who become your beloved companions, you probably need to read this book. Oh, and did I mention that some of the horses are also dragons? And that there are unicorns?

I have a sense that this book will either fill you with joy, or contempt. It has what I will classify, for want of a better word, a decidedly “New Age” sensibility: the main characters practice Wicca/Earth Magic, and there is lots of meditation, crystals, healing herbs, and spirit journeys. Plus the aforementioned horse-human bond, and a strong message about respect for the land and for other creatures. There are some fairly stereotypical depictions of evil Churchmen (called Wigs), and the heroine, when she isn’t healing horses, stamps her feet and fumes in the manner of romance heroines, which is something I personally don’t enjoy, but apparently lots of readers do. Anyway, if you have a romantic, mystical, horse-loving little girl somewhere inside of you, this book will probably appeal to you; if that little girl has been tragically squashed and the idea of unicorns and dragonhorses and rescuing animals from injury and abuse doesn’t call to you, well, I don’t know if I can help you. Go read something else, and leave the rest of us to our fantasies.

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