“Starring Mis Seeton” by Hamilton Crane

A cute Christmas-time cozy mystery that is so full of vintage British charm it is often in danger of becoming twee. Retired art teacher Miss Seeton stumbles into not one but TWO mysteries, one involving Roman ruins and the other about a gang (no, wait, there are TWO gangs) of bank robbers. There’s also the intrigue and backstabbing surrounding the yearly Christmas pantomime performance, and the police are understaffed due to a nasty outbreak of the flu. Luckily for everyone (even if they don’t necessarily see it that way), Miss Seeton is there with her brollies and her clairvoyant art skills to catch the bad guys.

If you like cozy British detective stories, full of bluff aristocrats, feuding neighbors, and underestimated spinsters, then you’re very likely to enjoy this book. The mystery and its reveal is skillfully done, and there are plenty of chuckles along the way, as well as charming scenes of local Kentish culture. Hardboiled and gritty this is not, and it’s more in the realm of fantasy than realism, but it’s a fun bit of lighthearted entertainment, perfect for mystery fans to curl up with on a damp December afternoon.

My thanks to NetGalley for providing a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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