“All Men’s Space–In Space!” by CB Archer

Good Lord!  Just when I think this series can’t get any goofier, it raises (or lowers) its game!  This latest installment features a game full of Star Trek/Star Wars/Doctor Who/Sherlock (and was there also a passing reference to Red Dwarf?) allusions, sure to delight fans of any of those franchises.  Providing you don’t mind a little anatomically impossible sex, of course.  I don’t recommend reading this in public, in case 1) someone looks over your shoulder, or 2) you embarrass yourself by chortling uncontrollably.  I also recommend reading some of the earlier novelettes first, since this one builds on the overarching plot that has been slowly developing from story to story.  However, if you’ve been following the series from the beginning, you’re sure to enjoy this chapter in it.

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