“Lily” by Anna K. Payne

Lily is a three-time divorcee and now single mother struggling to make ends meet, who happens to witness a murder. As the story unfolds, she must stay ahead of the murderer, figure out where she stands with the undercover police officer who is protecting her, and come to terms with her flawed past and her budding relationship with God.

This is a very quick, easy read and much of the plot is only briefly sketched. The focus of the book, and definitely its highlight, is Lily’s struggle to find strength in her newly-developed faith and to accept that God loves her despite her multiple mistakes. Lily feels inadequate next to all the other women in her study group, and can’t believe that she can be forgiven for all the (very normal) things that she’s done. While this isn’t your typical romantic thriller, it’s a very sweet, heartfelt story that highlights the difficulties of working mothers, and is particularly likely to appeal to Christian readers looking for a clean, uplifting read.

I received a review copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.

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