“Jockeys and Jewels” by Bev Pettersen

The comparisons with Dick Francis are going to be inevitable with this book, so I’ll just get them out of the way right off the bat. This isn’t Dick Francis, but as a huge Francis fan I still found it very enjoyable. It’s similar in many ways but with a distinct romance angle to it as well.

An ex-RCMP investigator goes undercover to try to find out who murdered his old partner, and why. But he soon finds himself falling for a suspect…There’s lots of stuff about horses and racing in this book, so if you don’t like horses, that might be a problem for you. If you do like horses, it might also be a problem, because the darker side of horse racing comes up repeatedly. I (and I’m a complete bleeding heart and a dedicated animal activist) was able to handle it, but be aware that everything isn’t all roses and winner’s circles in the racing world, especially for the horses themselves.

While the plot includes a lot of what you might expect in a romance/detective/horse book fusion, I found it very readable and finished it quickly and intend to read more books by the author. A very fun read for fans of the horse and detective genres.

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