“Twisted in a Positive Way” by Chikamso C. Efobi

A very sweet, uplifting story about a young Nigerian woman searching for her path in life. Adaugo is an academically gifted girl who does well in school but ends up finding herself shunted into a dead-end career after college and pressured to marry an appropriate–meaning rich and preferably light-skinned–man as soon as possible. However, she learns to listen to her inner voice and forge her own path.

The writing style is clear and simple, but with snippets of Nigerian dialect for flavor. The descriptions of Lagos and the characters’ lifestyles are also done in a way that made it easy for someone (me!) who knows almost nothing about Nigeria to follow along and enjoy reading about the culture there. Overall, I found this an inspirational, heartfelt story about a young woman living in a culture most Americans are completely unfamiliar with, presented in a very approachable way. Readers looking for inspirational books featuring women of color, or who are interested in dipping a toe in African literature, will probably find a lot to enjoy in this book.

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