“Jade” by Rose Montague

In “Jade” we meet the eponymous heroine, a super-powerful supernatural being who morphs between shifter, vampire, witch, and fae depending on the circumstances. She’s currently serving as an agent in the local police force in Winston, as in Winston-Salem, NC, in a world in which supernatural beings are more or less out in the open, but are facing discrimination.

“Jade” combines a number of common urban-fantasy elements–e.g., vamps, shifters–with the twist of Jade’s actual identity…which I can’t reveal here for fear of spoilers! The story moves quickly and is very readable, with a fresh liveliness to the writing and a number of powerful female characters, always a plus. The only reason I’m giving it four stars rather than five is that I think it could have used a little more editing to clean up the comma splices and occasional typo I noticed as I was reading. However, it’s still a very fun read and should serve fans of the urban fantasy/paranormal romance (with a lesbian twist!) well.

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