“Shopaholic on Honeymoon” by Sophie Kinsella

“Shopaholic on Honeymoon” is a fun free little short about the beginning of Becky and Luke’s honeymoon and totally worth reading if you’re a fan of the “Shopaholic” series.  Like the rest of the series, it’s lighthearted and seemingly frivolous–Becky goes on a shopping spree while in Venice, surprise surprise!–but, again like the rest of the series, it actually touches on deeper themes that will resonant with lots of people starting out on a relationship, whether romantic or otherwise.  Becky and Luke are in love, but they’re also different people, and the real story here is how much they can/should change each other and/or change for each other.  This kind of “chick lit” is often sorely underrated in its ability to deal with these kinds of questions, in my opinion, and criticized for its obsession with money and sex.  But the thing is, money and sex are super important, especially in intimate relationships, and these kinds of books are where they’re interrogated in depth.  Which is a long-winded way of saying that this is a charming little addition to a series that is highly worth reading.

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