“Melody Jackson and the House on Lafayette St” by BMB Johnson

This is a very fun story in a genre that I enjoyed a lot when I was about Melody’s age, but this particular book is geared at least as much towards adults as it is towards tweens. Melody is a somewhat nerdy and eccentric homeschooled preteen (and as a homeschooled person myself I was very excited to finally find a homeschooled character who was not depicted as a religious nutcase), who stumbles into a zany adventure involving ghosts and cat-kidnapping aliens. Things look dark for our protagonists and for all of humanity, but luckily for the planet, the brilliant Melody is on the case!

Melody and her parents are amusing and appealing characters, and the writing is full of wit and zip. High realism this most certainly is not, but anyone looking for a lighthearted paranormal adventure suitable for adults and older children (I say “older children” only because some of the creepier moments would have scared me pretty badly as a small child) would probably enjoy the heck out of this book.

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