Hook’s Pan by Marie Hall

“Hook’s Pan” is a fun paranormal romance with an intriguing premise: James Hook is the good guy (well, actually, he’s a Bad Boy, of course, but in the sexy way, not the evil way), and Peter Pan is an annoying brat who accidentally murdered Hook’s beloved, the mermaid Talia. Only it turns out she’s been reincarnated in the body of an Earth woman, Trishelle, who just so happens to be playing the role of Peter Pan in the local play at the moment when a fairy godmother whisks her off to Neverland…

I’m a sucker for these reimagined fairy stories/kids’ stories type books, and I certainly enjoyed the concept of a sexy Captain Hook finally finding true love. The book is pretty slight, but anyone looking for a fun, magical, erotic romance featuring one of literature’s biggest villains will probably enjoy it loads. The editing wasn’t completely clean, but the problems were minor.

My version (I got a promotional copy on sale) also came with “The Sea Queen,” a novel featuring the goddess Calypso and her romance with Hades, God of the Dead, published by the author under the name Jovee Winters. I also enjoyed that a lot: Calypso is constantly (and hilariously) experimenting with her shaky knowledge of modern slang, so that she calls Hades (whom she is keeping as her sex slave) Dead Boy and (much to his surprise) Bubble Butt, and the Olympic pantheon gets quite a shake-up when it tries to come between them! Again, it’s a slight novel, more of a novella, but it’s another fun reimagining of the bad guys as the good guys, with lots of sexy hijinks thrown in.

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