“Strata” by Terry Pratchett

Strata Terry Pratchett Before there was the Discworld, there was “Strata,” the story of a company that builds planets. Including, it turns out, a strange flat planet out in the middle of nowhere… It’s a bit hard to review “Strata” in a meaningful way, because it both prefigures the Discworld novels, and stands in inevitable […]

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“Where in Hard-Boiled City is Carmella Sanfrancisco?” by CB Archer

Where in Hard-Boiled City is Carmella Sanfrancisco? CB Archer Ahahahaha! I bet you thought this book would be hard-core x-rated, didn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong! In an unexpected plot twist, this latest installment of the Tales of Gentalia is completely sex-free! Followers of the series have come to expect a certain something from it, […]

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“The New Voices of Fantasy”

“The New Voices of Fantasy” is an eclectic mixture of diverse fantasy authors, featuring a multitude of subgenres in stories set around the globe. Although the short story format means that the worlds and cultures the authors have created appear only in snippet form, which is not normally my favorite way to experience fantasy, this […]

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