#FreeBooks! #Giveaways in Contemporary Upmarket Fiction and #NewReleases in #Fantasy

Okay, so I’m done, I’m absolutely, completely done with posting about Arkady Babchenko–for now.  No doubt I’ll rant about it further again soon.  Someone asked me if I felt personally betrayed or just upset by the situation, and I had to say: both.  My personal acquaintance with Arkady is so slight that I certainly don’t […]

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New Fantasy Book Giveaway

New Fantasy Book Giveaway Another week, another book giveaway…this time it’s the New Fantasy Book Giveaway, which has…actually, I lost count, but dozens, anyway, of fantasy books, and all absolutely FREEEEEE!  So come mosey on by and see what’s on offer here.  I have to confess that I’ve already snagged a few of these tempting […]

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