“The Girl From the Tea Garden” by Janet MacLeod Trotter

“The Girl From The Tea Garden” evokes one of my secret favorite genres– Anglo-Indian tales from the late 19th/early 20th century (I know, I know, it’s weirdly specific). Whether from the British perspective (e.g., “The Secret Garden,” which starts off in India before moving to Yorkshire) or the Indian perspective (e.g., “Gay-Neck”), these stories are […]

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“Mad Love” by Nick Spalding

“Mad Love” is a romantic comedy that is long on the comedy, if a bit short on the romance. Adam and Jessica both entered a dating website competition on a whim–only to discover that they’ve signed up, not for a blind date, but a blind marriage. Feeling fairly desperate about their housing situations, they agree […]

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“Dragonhorse and the Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge” by Denice Garrou

“Dragonhorse” basically fulfilled all my childhood fantasies. In it, a young woman discovers she has magical powers, which she uses mainly to heal horses. I can’t tell you how much this idea gripped me (and continues to grip me). So if you, too, harbor fantasies of using magical powers to heal beautiful horses who become […]

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“Muna” by Marketa Irglova

I just discovered this album (thanks, iTunes recommendations!) and I was simply blown away by it on first listen. ¬†Haunting instrumentals are topped by Irglova’s soaring voice, which brings the religious and spiritual themes of the songs to life, giving the impression (if I may be forgiven the fancifulness) of an angel come to earth, […]

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